Classes: 45 minutes
Fitness Level: All levels
Skill Level: White to Black Belt

For kids and adults alike, martial arts demands every muscle and bone in your body to work together to master a technique. Not only will this drastically improve your child's ability to focus, but it will develop their physical strength and stamina, their balance and agility, as well as improving their dexterity and control. Martial arts is one of the most effective cross-training tools available for kids to help them excel in other sports. Oh and it's really, really fun! The MMA kids program will show your child just what is possible with a strong mind, a fit body, and a courageous heart!


Don't worry, there's still a ton of punches and kicks—they're just too fun—and learning them will give your child plenty of chances to work up a sweat and relieve stress. But they'll also show your child the rewards of hard work and dedication; the satisfaction of setting goals and accomplishing them. Martial arts shows kids that life is full of obstacles, both physical and mental, but with the right help and right attitude, no obstacle is too big to conquer. Whether it's learning a throw or improving their grades, MMAs kids program teaches kids the importance of perseverance. Remember, every black belt is a white belt that never gave up.


There are plenty of benefits to Kids Martial Arts, here are a few:

  • Incredible self confidence
  • Leadership skills
  • Develop their strength, stamina, coordination and control
  • Learn to act responsibly and with respect
  • Improve their social skills and ability to work as a team
  • Self defence skills
  • Greater focus at home and at school
  • The ability to set goals and achieve them
  • Develop perseverance and determination
  • Make new friends
  • Have tons of fun of course!