Classes: 45 minutes
Fitness Level: All levels
Skill Level: Beginner and advanced level classes

Kickboxing is one of the most exhilarating, physically demanding martial arts on the planet. Powerful kicks, rapid-fire punches, and dynamic footwork leave you gasping for air and hungry for more.

Developing a toned and balanced body along with a set of skills that could save your life is a truly empowering feeling.

It's The Journey AND The Destination

Most people look at exercise as a means to an end. But if reaching your fitness goals resulted in permanent results, people would never fall back out of shape. In all aspects of life, there's no such thing as a constant state: you're either getting better or you're getting worse. As martial artists, we understand that real progress comes from dedication and consistency. But don't punish yourself by enduring the tedium of the gym each year to fill your schedule and make miniscule gains. Set yourself on a course of positivity and empowerment by forging the DESIRE to train, the PASSION to overcome obstacles, and the PRIDE of inspiring others to do the same.


There are plenty of benefits to Kickboxing, here are a few:

  • Full body strength and fitness
  • A supercharged metabolism
  • Toned and sculpted muscles
  • Far greater fat loss than your typical gym routine
  • Massive improvements in cardio
  • Increased joint mobility and muscle flexibility
  • Improved balance, dexterity, and coordination
  • Greater understanding of body mechanics and movement
  • Self defence skills
  • Competition opportunities
  • Level progressions to help you set goals and conquer them
  • Develop the techniques and tactics of an experienced fighter
  • Greater self confidence and self esteem
  • A motivating training environment
  • A culture dedicated to excellence
  • Tons of fun with new training partners and friends