Classes: 45 minutes
Fitness Level: All levels

At MMA we are dedicated to turning people into athletes and athletes into legends. Our program is built around diverse and functional workouts that will excite your mind and challenge your body in ways that a conventional gym simply can't. In shape or not, our classes are designed to allow people of ALL fitness levels the chance to enjoy a fun and ferocious workout. Come and try a class to see for yourself.


The MMA fitness program will give you a head-to-toe workout that you'll be proud to have conquered. One of the primary tools we use to accomplish this are kettlebells. These cannon balls with a handle are front and center in our classes because, like martial arts, they have a phenomenal ability to expose the weaknesses that are holding you back. Whether it's a lack of mobility, bad posture, weak joints, or tight muscles; these little balls of iron will help you get rid of those stubborn sticking points and transform yourself into an injury-proof athlete.

“Iron Sharpens Iron”


There are plenty of benefits to fitness>, here are a few:

  • Functional, full-body strength
  • Far greater fat loss than your typical gym routine
  • Toned, sculpted muscles
  • Supercharged metabolism and hormone stimulation
  • Increased joint mobility and muscle flexibility
  • Improved cardio and blood flow
  • Seasonal Benchmark evaluations to track your progress
  • Greater understanding of body mechanics
  • Create a blueprint to self improvement
  • Enjoy a positive training environment
  • Thrive in a culture dedicated to excellence
  • Tons of fun and some great stories