Classes: 45 minutes
Fitness Level: All levels
Skill Level: All Levels

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu took martial arts as we knew it, dragged it to the ground, and choked it out. A self defence program that ignores what happens when things hit the floor simply doesn't cut it anymore. Come out and learn the martial art that is practiced by professional fighters, police officers, military units, and anybody else who desires to learn the most effective martial art on the planet.


Our BJJ program allows people of all shapes, sizes, fitness and skill levels to pursue their goals as part of a diverse and supportive team. The instructors and students of MMA will help you thrive under pressure and develop skills you never imagined possible. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a tried-and-tested martial art, so every class you attend leaves you with a real sense of accomplishment. Your biggest regret will be not starting sooner! You'll see how developing competence grows your confidence while part of a positive and exhilarating training environment.

“The Ground Never Misses”


There are plenty of benefits to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, here are a few:

  • Learn the world's most effective martial art
  • Cultivate new levels of strength and stamina
  • Self-confidence forged by battle-tested techniques
  • Increase your flexibility, mobility, and coordination
  • Progress tracking and evaluations to keep you on track
  • Thrive in a positive training environment
  • Meet new training partners and make new friends
  • Stimulate your mind with a constantly evolving curriculum
  • Put your techniques to the test in live rolls
  • Challenge yourself in provincial, national, and international competitions